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Bellerbys College Important Information PRC Student Applications


As a direct result of Study Group policy in China with regard student visa applications, we are proud to announce that student visa grants for students registered to attend Bellerbys College (Academic Division of Study Group in the UK) programmes is at an all time high. In fact, almost every visa application processed by organisations recognised by Study Group China Regional Office are successful.

However, unfortunately over the last two years, a small number of applicants have undermined both Bellerbys College and Study Group’s relationship with the British Consulates in China and the Department of Immigration in the UK. A small number of PRC students have used both the expertise of Study Group and its Recognised Agents in China as well as the good reputation of Study Group to obtain a student visa to enter the UK with no or little intention of studying at Bellerbys College.

This has had an impact on students who actually do want to study at the College. Both students and parents should remember that an offer of a place to one student will mean the rejection of another due to limits on student numbers in each campus.

Study Group’s Regional Office China and Bellerbys College have therefore been forced to implement the following policy in China.

Application Process

Step 1

Completed application documents are submitted to Study Group’s International Admissions Centre (IAC) in Hove. Completed application packages must include a signed and copy of the Student Declaration (final page of this document) by the student applicant or the legal guardian (if the student is aged under 18 years at time of application), copies of academic transcripts and reference, together with 4 passport photographs.

Step 2

Study Group’s International Admissions Centre (IAC) will process the application only if all application documents are complete. Offer of Place letters will only be sent to student applicants or legal guardians who have signed a copy of this document.

Step 3

Student applicant accepts the offer and pays the deposit of GBP1000 by Telegraphic Transfer to confirm a place at the College (please refer to Payment of Deposit, Tuition & Accommodation Fees below for further information). Documentation required in order to process a student visa at the British Consulates in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is only then issued.

Step 4

After successfully obtaining a student visa from the British Consulate, the student applicant is required to pay a minimum of two terms of fees to Bellerbys College prior to arrival in the UK (please refer Payment of Deposit, Tuition & Accommodation Fees below for further information). Student applicants will not be provided with further documentation required for arrival in the UK such as Host Family details and airport transfer details unless payment or documentary evidence of payment has been received by Telegraphic Transfer. Documentary evidence only includes actual or stamped copies of receipts of Telegraphic Transfers. Documentary evidence does not include letters of guarantee from friends or relatives.

Please note that Bellerbys College does not accept any cash or bank draft payments from PRC students arriving in the UK.

There is a one month cut off for enrolments before the start of each term. If students are not confirmed by that date their place is no longer guaranteed. Any late applications/confirmations after the cut off date will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

A notice to UK Immigration will be provided if no proof of Telegraphic Transfer is supplied before the cut off date.

Any students who have not arrived 2 weeks after the start of term will be cancelled or deferred until the next start date. Any late arrival requests beyond the 2 weeks cut off point will be considered on a case by case basis.

Students will be only deferred to the next start date on one occasion. Following a second non arrival they will be automatically cancelled.
Cancellation policy prior to start date is as Terms & Conditions. If student cancels due to visa refusal the visa refusal letter must be faxed to the UK IAC. On its receipt a full refund will be made.

Payment of Deposit, Tuition & Accommodation Fees

It is recommended that the payment of all required fees are made using a Pounds Sterling Telegraphic Transfer.

Student applicants and legal guardians are advised to take a photocopy of the Telegraphic Transfer, and fax this together with the Acceptance Form to the International Admissions Centre.

Student applicants are reminded that they are responsible for the exact amount indicated in the College invoice. The College does not take responsibility for any bank charges in China or the UK, and these must be paid in China by the student applicant.

The College does not issue receipts for amounts transferred by Telegraphic Transfer as these are received by the UK bank.

The faxed photocopy of the Telegraphic Transfer acts as a means of proof of payment, and the International Admissions Centre can produce an official Certificate of Enrolment upon receipt.

Please note that the reverse of all Telegraphic Transfers should contain the following information:

  • the name of the student (as appears on passport)
  • the name of the course applied for
  • the name of the centre applied for
  • the course start and finish dates

Please remember that Bellerbys College receives a large number of payments from hundreds of students and parents from over the world, and student applicants should not expect the College to be able to allocate a particular unmarked payment to a particular student.

If applicants cannot obtain a Telegraphic Transfer, a selected number of Study Group’s Recognised China Agents can confirm with the International Admissions Centre in writing that the Education Agent has received the money, and pledges to take responsibility for the payment of the required amount. The Education Agent will then be held responsible for payment. This should be communicated to the International Admissions Centre in a separate letter stamped with the Education Agent company chop.


Once a course has commenced, a minimum of two terms notice (in writing) is required, or payment in lieu, whether or not the student continues to attend lessons.
Students following the English Language Preparation (ELP) courses are automatically enrolled to progress on to an academic programme. The student must therefore give the standard terms notice if they do not wish to progress further at the College.

If cancellation or withdrawal is due to refusal of a visa then less notice may be accepted (at the College’s discretion) as long as full written details are provided before a course commences or recommences. Where cancellation is due to illness, if the student has taken out our optional comprehensive Studycare plan insurance scheme (details of which are available on request), subject to the terms of the scheme the student may be able to claim a refund.

Notice of withdrawal must be given in writing and is effective from the date it is received by the College.